Nos Engagements

Nos Engagements


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Afficher l'image d'origineThe environment

CentraleSupélec is committed every year to preserve the environment within the Raid and the Night’N Day. This commitment is crucial in this context of scarcity of resources and climate change. This will of preserving the landscapes that we cross is manifested through an environmental management system within our association.

Our approach allowed us to be certified in line with the ISO 14001 since 2005.

This certification allows us to assure the efficiency and sustainability of our environmental commitments. It is also a proof of seriousness for our partners et local communities.

For this year’s edition, BNPP is one more time our environmental partner.

Our organization commits on the 3 following points, which represent our main expense items in our carbon footprint: waste management, the distribution of eco-cups instead of disposable cups, and a wise use of paper (90% of our communication media carry the Imprim’Vert label). Allowing us to diminish each year the carbon footprint per competitor.

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Norme ISO14001




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Utilisation raisonnée

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Afficher l'image d'origineThe Quality

The very essence of our quality approach is the training of the association’s members. The organizing team is composed of 80 members, led by second years, so at the end of the year, a new responsible team is elected and the experience and know-how acquired is passed on from one year to the next.

The Raid, which has been ISO 9001 standardised since 2009, is committed to a continuous improvement process. Throughout the year, our progress is compared with the objectives set by the association’s policy according to measurable indicators on a dashboard, to be able to work on our weaknesses. In addition, a risk and opportunity management approach, combined with the study of stakeholders’ expectations, enables us to ensure the quality of our offer and its improvement.

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Students & Companies meeting

The Raid CentraleSupélec wants to be a place of privileged exchange between the corporate staff and the students of the Grandes Ecoles. In this sporting atmosphere of surpassing oneself, every moment of the race is conducive to the meetings, and offers to the team the occasion of developing a special bond.

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formation des membres

Norme ISO9001


Renouvellement de l'équipe



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Cette année encore, le Raid CentraleSupélec sera inclusif

Le changement de format n’a pas altéré notre volonté d’organiser un évènement handi-accueillant. Comme les deux précédentes éditions du Prologue, le Night N’ Day est ouvert aux concurrents handisports et pourra accueillir des équipes mixtes handi-valides. Cet engagement en faveur de l’inclusion des personnes en situation de handicap au sein de nos événements sportifs est un projet porteur de sens pour toute l’équipe du Raid CentraleSupélec. A travers cette action, notre objectif est également de sensibiliser les participants au handicap et de montrer que des événements sportifs peuvent être accessibles pour tous.

Cette année nous avons également souhaité ouvrir notre évènement à des personnes ayant un statut de réfugié politique. En effet la discrimination, et donc l’impulsion pour aller vers l’inclusion, est aussi sociale, et il nous a apparu important d’élargir notre accueil avec notre définition de l’inclusion. Cela a été rendu possible grâce à notre collaboration avec l’association SINGA.

Notre ambition est que le Night N’ Day, et peut-être ensuite le Raid, puisse devenir un évènement inclusif phare du plateau de Saclay.

Pour cela, nous nous sommes associés à la FÉDÉEH, acteur engagé pour l’inclusion des personnes en situation de handicap, et en particulier grâce à la pratique sportive. La FÉDÉEH nous a encouragé et aidé il y a trois ans à rendre notre évènement accessible aussi aux handisportifs, et continue de nous accompagner dans notre démarche inclusive. Pour cela nous les remercions chaleureusement. Nous accueillerons également cette année des équipes envoyées par l’association Dunes d’Espoir, qui permet à des jeunes en situation de handicap de participer à des compétitions de haut niveau même lorsque leur handicap ne leur permettrait pas de les courir seuls.

Pour plus d’informations, n’hésitez pas à contacter la responsable inclusion à l’adresse resposinclusion@localhost.









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Security is a fundamental value of our organization, and is therefore our top priority.

All members of the association are regularly sensitized to minimise risks. Daily, we do our best to avoid any danger, but if this is not enough, more than half of the staff receive first aid training (PSC1) in order to have the first tools necessary to deal with an emergency situation.

During our races, the Raid CentraleSupélec calls upon doctors specialized in such events. We have been working with Dokever for 15 years. This company has adequate and powerful resources at its disposal to respond to all emergency situations that we may encounter and ensure the safety of our competitors.

During the race, our specific organisation allows us to minimise the risks. In particular, we need to keep a close eye on the evolution and position of our competitors. To do this, each team is equipped with a GPS tracker that allows us to locate it, and members of the organization are regularly positioned on the race. The entire team is in constant communication, thanks to the total radio coverage set up by Progevent, the information circulates quickly and well with the race management. So there is no shadow on the race, and this allows us to intervene very quickly in case of emergency.


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