Sysnav is a SME that offers next-generation solutions for navigation and geopositioning for all environments, including the most extreme.

Sysnav solutions allow to go beyond GPS : they can operate in GPS-denied environments, without any standard infrastructure, indoors, in forests or in other areas with no satellite coverage.

Sysnav technology ensures ultra-available, reliable and accurate data at all times, through flexible plug&play solutions to various industries.

It offers a unique solution to industrial and governmental organizations looking for continuous and reliable navigation data which exceed GPS capabilities.

Sysnav is our Orientation Partner and live monitors the teams. Each team, equipped with a small tracker, will be able to be followed live throughout the day.

A device that allows relatives to follow the race, but also allows to increase the efficiency of the race logistics.

It’s a natural partnership with regard to Sysnav’s job and values. It is a growing SME looking for young engineers, you can apply here !