A better way to progress 

Michelin holds a leading position on all tyre markets. Its other activities, such as publishing and derivatives, position it as a key player for mobility aid. But the group’s know-how also plays a role in providing expertise and advice to constructors and equipment manufacturers. Michelin’s mission is to contribute, in a sustainable manner, to progress in the mobility of people and goods by making liberty, safety, efficiency but also the pleasure of moving easier.

As the tyre market leader for all types of vehicles, Michelin is also a company with a very strong culture of innovation. More than 6000 people work in the technological centre of research in partnership with car manufacturers in order to anticipate change and propose new solutions.

N°1 mondial des pneumatiques avec 17,1 % du marché

Une présence commerciale dans plus de 170 pays

Une implantation industrielle au cœur des marchés

68 sites industriels dans 19 pays ont produit en 2008 :

177 millions de pneus

16 millions de cartes et guides

Des équipes très internationales : plus de 117 500 employés de toutes cultures, sur tous les continents dont 6 000 personnes employés dans les centres de R&D en Europe, aux Etats-Unis, en Asie.