Growing Together

The Groupe Roullier is an independent family-owned group that has been a committed international playerfor over 60 years.Driven by a collective energy, our 8 areas of activity invent sustainable, high added value solutions that servea shared ambition: “Growing Together”.

So what’s our approach? Daring to be different on all 8 of our markets: the Food Industry, Soil and plant nutrition and animal production, Algology, Renewable Energies, Magnesium, Plant Nutrition for the General Public, Packaging and Calcium phosphorus solutions; all along the value chain, encouraging responsible growth.

And what are our strengths? All 9,200 of our employees embody our values on a daily basis: performance, a passion for entrepreneurship, ambition, perseverance, and innovation. We have attributed the success of our development to our employees from the very beginning. Thanks to a unique businessmodel, they work in concert with our clients to develop unique solutions that are tailored to each of their specific needs.These principles, combined with our industrial expertise, mean we can be adventurous on our quest for innovation and associate the development of our activities with the development of regions.

Growing Together is the desire to empower ourselves to succeed individually and collectively.