Energy is essential in everyday life and an crucial in economic development. EDF Group is a worldwide leader in the production, distribution and commercialization of electricity and increasingly active on the natural gas chain in Europe.

The Group operates in France with mainly nuclear and hydraulic facilities providing 95% of its electricity without generating CO2 and contributing largely to the energetic security of supply of the country.

EDF manages a production capacity of 653,9TWh all over the world and provides energy and services to 39,1 million costumers worldwide, of which 28,2 million in France.

Constantly developing its performances in terms of security, EDF’s nuclear branch prepares to face new challenges: renew its skills and keep the high level of performance of its 58 nuclear reactors spread over 19 sites.

In addition, EDF exploits 447 hydroelectricity power plants in France and has the ambition of sustaining and developing the performances of these assets in the long term.

Key figures

• Founded in: 1946

• Creation of EDF SA: 2004

• Corporate headquarters: 22-30, avenue de Wagram 75382 Paris cedex 08

• Revenue: 75,6 billion euros for the Group

• Workforce: 158 467 worldwide, of which 106565 in France

• Number of clients: 39,1 million worldwide, of which 28,2 million in France

• Geographical presence: All of France and 23 countries, 13 of these in Europe


The recruitment of managers is part of a strategy to renew the skills on our core business and to acquire skills related to new activities…

EDF has recruited 900 engineers in 2008 of which 90% ware young graduates in the following domains: R&D, (nuclear, thermal) engineering and design, (nuclear, thermal) operation and maintenance, information and telecommunication systems, etc.

Joining EDF is giving yourself the opportunity to develop a rewarding career in contact with high technology and to quickly take on responsibilities.


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