Kearney, one of the world leaders in strategy consulting

Our goal is to find solutions with a high impact offering a long term advantage to our clients. Specialized in solving complex problems, our agency accompanies CEOs in their daily national and international challenges.

Since 1926, multinationals, working in different fields in industry or services, trust Kearney and collaborate with them in the development of concrete answers appropriated to the multinational’s environment and sustainable issues that the company faces.

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Kearney recruits !

To apply, send your CV and a motivation letter to the following e-mail address:

Applying abroad is possible via the following website:, the first interview can be held by the office in Paris, but also via videoconference.

Your Curriculum Vitae has to be clear and synthetic, describing your professional experience and your personal activities (associations/passions).

Your motivation letter has to be organized and synthetic too. It has to bring up your motivations and the relevance of your professional project regarding your experience.