What will cities look like in a few years?


      How will we use transport ?


           How will we live on a population of 10 billion ?


Greater Paris, the LGV SEA Tours-Bourdeaux,the Palm in Dubai and the Paris La Défense Arena partly answer your questions. Behind this complex and innovative projects are teams passionate about construction or simply curious to see ther environment evolve. These teams are those of Vinci Construction.


Do you like technical projects? Are you looking for your next internship in a growing company?

We give you the opportunity to develop your skills:

  • On site
  • In the design office
  • Within our Technical Departments (Equipment, R&D)

And remember that this internship is only the beginning of the adventure:

  • Job opportunities in France and abroad
  • Projects of increasing size and complexity
  • Pathways throughout your career.

Would you like to find out more about our opportunities?

Our representatives will be able to answer your questions throughout Night N’ Day. Don’t hesitate to ask them!

You can also contact them before and after the race: